On Wed, Nov 03, 2004 at 12:22:02AM -0500, Richard wrote:
> Just started using Gimp about a week ago,
> and I must say, its nice.
> Now, have a question:
> if I shot in B&W (via digital camera), wouldn't that give me a better image,
> to work with in Gimp,  instead of converting it to Grey Scale?
i will be interested to read the real answers to this question; this is
my best guess.  my best guess is no.

the reason for this guess is that with a color photo you get millions of
colors.  i dont think there are millions of grays.

there are several ways to convert an image from color to grayscale, btw.
the obvious way is with Image -->Mode -->Grayscale.  another (better in
my opinion) way is via Filters -->Colors -->Decompose on HSV (hue,
saturuation and value).  this filter gives you a three layered image
with the V (value) image on the top.  additional tweaking of this (with
levels -- moving that middle pointer) to make better contrast can make
this originally color image seem more like the old fashioned black and
white developing which was what made black and white photos so cool to
begin with.

some of the confusion might actually be from the film days.  black and
white film was of a finer grain and higher quality.  i dont think this
same thing is true of digital images.

once again, this is all a guess on my part.

oh, if you do need to adjust the values of your grayscale images or your
decomposed images, best to convert them to rgb again: Image -->Mode

it is an interesting question, thanks for asking it.


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