2004-11-05, p keltezéssel 09:50-kor Sven Neumann ezt írta:
> Known issue, fixed in CVS.
Super! Im waiting for the next pre-release.
> > I have a .tiff image that theGimp don't handle good.
> > So theGimp load the file, but display as blank.  I thinked the .tiff
> > contain just an empty layer.  Then I have successfully opened this
> > .tiff file with photoshop 7.0.  Can it be fixed? (is there somebody
> > correspondant the .tiff file open plugin?)  Should I make disponible
> > the .tiff image on the web? (1.8MB)
> It would help if you searched Bugzilla for it and, unless the same
> problem has been reported before, opened a bug report for it. The TIFF
> format is rather complex and GIMP doesn't support all features of
> it. There are also quite a bunch of application-specific extensions
> which can be considered proprietary. If your image is using those,
> there is little chance that you will be able to open it in anything
> else but the application that created it.
I think this .tiff file was created by Photoshop.
My problem is very similar to the bugreport 
Just a little difference, there is marked, that Gimp have problem with
the non-standard tiff extension how photoshop creat the .tiff files (so
multilayered images).

My image have just one layer. But I think the same problem that I have,
what the original reporter had (filled this bugreport.)

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