Barton Bosch <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> You're probably way ahead of me on this but wouldn't a larger preview
> window and an expanded UI (e.g., like the path tool) be great with
> Iwarp?  Maybe implementing it as a tool rather than a filter would be
> in order as well?

Sure, noone would disagree that the plug-in urgently needs some
love. But so far noone has taken responsibility for it. There are a
lot of plug-ins that are part of the distribution but are basically
unmaintained. We don't have enough developer resources to work on the
core and improve the ~ 200 plug-ins in the GIMP tree.

As I said already, if you want to contribute, please do so. You
wouldn't have to necessarily write code. The GIMP help team (the
people working on the user manual) are looking for contributors as
well as the GIMP web team.

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