* Gezim Hoxha <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [11-13-04 21:17]:
> Since gimp doesn't have an image viewer (no problem) I just use the kde
> (konqueror). I just selected the images I wanted to open then on one of
> them I right clicked and chose open with gimp....behold 10 sessions of
> gimp opened up. So is there an argument for gimp that says "Ok if a
> gimp session is open, just use that session to open these images." I
> read the man pages and there was some session argument but no idea how
> to use it.

You are really stretching my crystal ball.  There are small but
significant differences with the different distros and with the
different gimp versions.

On my SuSE 9.0 with gimp 2.05 I use 'gimp-remote-2.0', as a command,
not an argument.

The next question by you would get a better/more thorough applicable
answer if you would take the time to tell us the conditions.  Think
about it.
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