Richard wrote:
> One:
> Gimp does 16 Bit Color and 8 Bit Gray ( Right? )
> no 24 bit or 32 bit?

No - GIMP does 8 bit gray, 16 bit graya, 8 bit indexed, 24 bit
RGB and 32 bit RGBA. That is, if you look closely, 8 bits per

> Second:
> The New Version ( Gimp 3.0 ) Will do Gegl, from my understanding that 
> suppose to
> handle any bit up to 48 Bit? & 16 Bit Gray ?

The next version of the GIMP (out soon) will be 2.2, and will not
use gegl. The following version 3.0 should include gegl, which is
a graphics library which abstracts away things like bitdepth and
colorspace from image representation. It is certain that gegl
will have a floating point pixel mode (it does already), and
probably that the GIMP will add an interface to use it, so
version 3.0 will have 48 bit floating point RGB, 64 bit floating
point RGBA, and may well have 128 bit floating point RGBA. 

It may also have a 16 bits per channel integer representation.

> Third:
> Is there anyone in the free world, that has done up a Mac OS X
> package ( installer ) for he Current version 2.2 ?

Don't know, I'm afraid. Have you looked on the gimp.app
sourceforge page?


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