"Matthew H. Plough" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>    First of all, thank you to Carol for being so helpful on this issue.
>    I praise your willingness to help people out, and go beyond the call
>    of duty in providing useful information.  If you and Sven were not
>    high-ups, you would be banned for being trolls.
>    This is the best I can do for now since I have a ton of work.
>    Scott, I had a bit of trouble compiling plugins on Windows, but I have
>    a method that worked well for RawPhoto.  I have not been able to get
>    gimptool-2.0 to do anything but crash, but this method circumvents
>    gimptool.
>    First of all, you'll need a compiler.  Head over to
>    http://www.cygwin.com and grab the Cygwin setup.  Run it, and install
>    for all users, and make the default text file type Unix (just for the
>    heck of it).  Choose a fast mirror -- mirrors.kernel.org works for me
>    -- and download some packages.  It might take some looking through the
>    list, but you'll need *at least*:
>    (devel)
>    - gcc
>    - gcc-core
>    - g++
>    - binutils
>    - make
>    - pkgconfig
>    - mingw runtime
>    (interpreters)
>    - gawk
>    (libs) -- get doc, devel, and runtime just to be safe
>    - atk
>    - freetype
>    - glib
>    - gtk+
>    - libiconv
>    - pango

You only need all this if you want to compile GIMP and all it's
dependencies from source. If you just want to compiler a GIMP plug-in
you need nothing but a C compiler (not necessarily gcc) and the
libgimp header file.

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