On Sunday 21 November 2004 13:54, Richard wrote:
> I notice when doing a decompose,
> that you get 3 channels A&B&L...
> However, there a issue.
> First if the image is 300dpi x 300dpi
> then you delete A&B channel have only the L
> channel, you will notice that the image,
> is no longer 300dpi x 300dpi but,
> 72x72 dpi.

The pixel size of the image doesn't change - that means you still have 
the "L" value for each pixel in your original image.
You can just change the DPI settings  (in gimp 2.2 pre2 it is done in 
the new "print size" dialog.

I do agree that this behavior is buggy though.

> is my understanding correct on this?
> Richard
> ( Just trying to max out a color image into Grayscale.)
> if this being the case, then decompose is not the way
> to go, getting the most out of grayscale.
> Regards-
> Richard
> :-)
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