Matthias Julius <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> The only problem I have is that in the print job list every print job
> from Gimp has the name '(stdin)'.  I would like the name of the
> printed file to appear there and from the lpr side this is done via
> the '-C' option.  Now I need Gimp to insert the file name into the
> print command.  So the print command specification in the printer
> setup should be something like 'lpr -C $filename' where Gimp is
> replacing $filename with the actual file name.  

Completely understodd. But that would need changes to the print
plug-in. It is however scheduled to be replaced by a new plug-in for
the next generation gimp-print library (or gutenprint which is its new
name). If you want to see such a feature being added, please get in
contact with the gimp-print/gutenprint developers. Their project is
hosted on sourceforge.

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