Sven Neumann wrote:

[...] - Improvements and fixes to the migration of user settings.


Hi Sven,

I finally found time to compile the pre2, and I checked the migration process. It works now fine with this very tiny exception:

I used the small theme in gimp 2.0. On the first startup of gimp 2.2, the one directly following the user-install migration, the theme "displayed" is the default one. However, in the preferences, the theme selected is (correctly) the small theme. If I close gimp and restart it, the theme displayed is now correct (small).

On another topic, although my system is now different from the previous one (I now have a mandrake 10.1, so new compiler, new libraries), I still have the issue I mentionned earlier with the IFS compose plugin. doing, undoing (ctrl-z), and repeating (filters->repeat, not reshow) result in nothing being displayed in the image window, instead of the expected fratal pattern. Could it be related to my processor (Athlon)?



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