Sven wrote:
> I don't know who's feeding you your information but
> that person is highly misinformed since there are no vector layers.
> If you want postscript or even pdf files using vectors instead of
> bitmaps, you are looking at the wrong application. GIMP is an image
> manipulation program for editing raster graphics. If you want to edit
> vectors, please use a vector editing application. 

The Gfig plugin now creates its own layers, and they are vector layers
because if you run Gfig with the active layer being a Gfig layer, you
can manipulate the objects there as vector objects.  Dave Neary's GIMP 2.2
headlines mention this, with perhaps a bit more enthusiasm than is 
entirely justified -- this is presumably the source of the "misinformation".
In any case, the capabilities of Gfig are quite primitive in comparison with 
well-developed vector graphics programs such as Sodipodi or Inkscape -- and 
strictly speaking, the functionality does not come from GIMP itself but rather 
from the plugin.  The rest of what you wrote I think is quite correct.

It may be interesting to note that it would theoretically be possible
to modify programs such as Inkscape or Sodipodi so that they would
be capable of running as GIMP plugins, creating their own special
layers and storing their data as "layer attachments" (i.e., "parasites"
in GIMP terminology), in the same way that Gfig now does.  (This is
also basically how the Text tool works, except it doesn't use parasites.)
Such an approach could give GIMP full-powered SVG-vector-editing
capabilities without requiring any major changes in the GIMP core.

  -- Bill

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