Dave Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> You cannot change the size or hardness of a brush during a stroke.

You can, if you have the right hardware at hand. GIMP 2.2 allows for
input controller modules. Such input controllers, if they do not use
the standard mouse or keyboard (these are grabbed by GIMP already) but
other input hardware, are able to change the brush size or hardness
during a stroke. GIMP 2.2 comes with two such modules, others could be
added easily. The two modules that we distribute are a Linux Input
event controller and a MIDI event controller. Using the Linux input
layer, a number of USB input devices such as a Griffin Powermate
Controller or Contour Design's Shuttle Pro can be used to control
GIMP. The GIMP MIDI controller module allows you to use all kind of
MIDI devices. MIDI keyboards, foot pedals, drum pads, a MIDI
controller with knobs and sliders, a guitar-to-MIDI converter ...

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