Hi all,

After a false start, the GIMP Splash Contest is now officially

The contest runs until next Sunday, Midnight. Splash screens
should be the same size as jimmac's logo and have a pale band
across the bottom roughly the same size. Otherwise, knock
yourselves out!

Competition entries should be attached to the live.gnome.org wiki
page at http://live.gnome.org/GnomeArt_2fGimpSplashContest - you
will need to create a wiki account. We will definitely have some
kind of (small) prize sponsored, details will follow during the
week (but the real reason you are doing it is the glory, right?)

Good luck to everyone! And don't forget, spread the news!

Dave Neary.

        David Neary,
        Lyon, France
CV: http://dneary.free.fr/CV/
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