David Neary wrote:
Hi all,

So thanks to yosh (and carol for having done the contest section
of the site in the first place) we now have the splash contest
back on track.

The next step is to actually judge the contest and pickj the 2.2
splash screen.

There are 3 ways we can go about that.

1) Someone makes a unilateral decision and commits one of the
2) A small (2 or 3) group of GIMP people decide among themselves
who wins. 3) A larger group (the GIMP user list, more or less) judges the
contest by sending in their favourite, and the one with the most
votes gets it.

I'd like to add:

4) A small group preselects a few (3, 5, 10, ?) images from the submissions, and a larger group votes for them like in option 3).


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