Hi all,

The judging panel for the splash contest is Simon Budig, Alan
Horkan, Michael Schumacher, Joao Bueno and Adam Moss. Since they
were in the first 5 but aren't in the final panel, if there is a
need (for whatever reason) for a replacement judge, the
replacements are Joseph Heled and Roman Joost.

The results will be announced (and the splash committed) before
the end of Friday next week (to give the judges time to judge).

Many thanks to FlamingText.com and sourcewear.com for offerring
to sponsor the competition. Since there can be only one winner,
the prize will be a GIMP t-shirt or polo shirt from
http://sourcewear.com and FlamingText will surely help us out on 
another occasion.

Thanks to everyone who entered splashes so far (and those who
haven't yet but will over the weekend), and to our judging panel
for volunteering - I don't envy them ;)


        David Neary,
        Lyon, France
CV: http://dneary.free.fr/CV/
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