I'm fairely novice at this and this is interesting. Is this
right "GAP = Gimp Animation Package".

Also could briefly describe how to import multiple images into
gimp with the _00X.jpg sequential filenames?

Lastly how would you apply gap to change a property for all the
layers, 1 expample is probably enough to get me started.


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>On Fri, Dec 03, 2004 at 07:08:15PM -0800, Akkana Peck wrote:
>> Robin Laing writes:
>> > One thing that I have read is making multiple
>exposures with digital
>> > cameras and then adding the photos together.
>> I don't know of a gimp plugin to do stacking, but it
>would be fairly
>> trivial to write.  (I'm not really an
>astrophotographer myself and
>> have never stacked more than four images, so I
>didn't look very hard
>> for a plugin, nor bothered to write one.)
>if you have images that are named sequentially (like
>img_0002.jpg), gap will make them into one single
>image, with each image
>being a different layer.
>you could use gap to make the changes to each image,
>like changing the
>transparency before making them into one layer (for
>the viewing).
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