Red hat 9 ships with GTK+, version 1.2.10.  Gimp 2.x requires GTK+, version 2.

The gimp installation file notes:

"You need to have installed GTK+ version 2.2.2 or better. Do not try
to use an older GTK+ version (1.2.x), it will not work. GTK+-2.x and
friends can be installed side by side with GTK+-1.2."

OK. So I download, compile and install gtk+-2.2.4 into default
location of /usr/local.  Redhat put gtk+ 1.x in another location
(/usr/lib and /usr/share)

When I run the gimp configure program after the GTK+ 2.2.4
installation, I still receive the 'missing gtk+ 2 error':

  checking for GTK+ - version >= 2.2.2... no

There appears to be no way to tell gimp's configure script where to
find the GTK+ 2.2.4 version in /usr/local/lib.  If there is, PLEASE
tell me!

The INSTALL file describes how to 'fix' my problem:

* An old version of the GTK+ libraries was found instead of your newly
installed version. This commonly happens if a binary package of GTK+
was previously installed on your system, and you later compiled GTK+
from source.

Fix: remove the old libraries and include files.

So, the INSTALL file contradicts itself by saying that 1)  GTK+ 1 and
2 can coexist, but that 2) I need to remove GTK+1 for configure to
find GTK+2.

It's not a fix remove the GTK+ rpm as there are many dependancies on Red Hat 9.

Does any one have a suggestion to solve this problem?

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