First, a little background:
I've been writing a column for LinuxFormat (a UK magazine) for about a
year and half now.  It is mostly about GIMP but every so often I cover
other topics like Inkscape or Ming (the Flash API) pr CSS or other
graphics related topics.

I've also started work on a column for another magazine, Tux Magazine,
which will be published by SSC (the Linux Journal publisher) starting in
February.  This column, too, will focus on GIMP and desktop graphics
issues for the end user.

Now on to the real issue:
After having written about GIMP almost non-stop since about 1996
(countless articles and two books) I'm starting to run dry on topics. 
The magazines seem to be happy with my work, but I get almost no
feedback from readers so it's hard to tell if the articles are useful or
not.  And with two columns on the subject it's getting hard to not cover
the same thing twice in a short period of time.

What I need to know is what readers want - what problems do they have
using GIMP, what techniques do they want to learn, what projects are
they trying to work on?  Where and what do you need help with?  The only
requirement for these two magazines is that the questions are about
using GIMP on Linux (I couldn't help with detailed stuff on Windows
anyway since I don't use that platform) and that they are generally more
end-user oriented than developer oriented articles.  I also try to cover
both 1.2 and 2.0 since there are still a lot of users out there who have
not upgraded.

While I can't offer a free copy of the magazine (I don't carry that much
clout) I can offer to give you thanks in the columns for your
suggestions (assuming the publisher doesn't have a problem with that,
which I don't think they will though I still need to clear it with

So, if anyone has suggestions for topics related to GIMP please send
them my way.  If you have a favorite plugin you think should be covered
or a tool that needs explaining or a "How did they do this?" question
about some image made with Photoshop, let me know. I can even throw in
the occasional interview of "important person X" if you think that would
be interesting - you supply the name of "X". :-)

I'll do my best to answer as much as I can.  

Many thanks, and happy GIMP'ing.
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