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As for me, it would be nice to tell potential GIMP users how to process their digital camera images. The growth of digital cameras use is rising a problem of post-processing to novice users who do not own proprietary professional tools like Photoshop. So if they see GIMP as a solution to their problems and needs it can increase the GIMP user base greatly.

Of course, there are various techniques described at different sites, but these are not located in one place and many of them are advanced techniques which require high background knowledge of GIMP and image processing.

If one can propose some framework how to process digital camera images with GIMP from the beginning (download GIMP for Windows from the site..., GIMP for Linux from ...) as some work flow of items, it could be helpful.

There are a few items to be described in this article:
1. Work flow: the order of processing.
2. Typical operation: WB (levels) - detailed description to the novice user, cropping, scaling (how to set the best algorithm), sharpness, red eye removing (my preferable method is the tone-saturation tool), noise reduction and so on.

The advanced user may be interested in opening of RAW images from the digital camera. This can involve the description of dcraw and rawphoto utilities (with links to Linux and Windows versions). Also a few images shown will be nice.

This is my IMHO :).

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Alexander Rabtchevich
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