> http://docs.gimp.org/en/go01.html
> yep looks very nice except it need some more words for example hue
> only shows two pictures. Can someone at the circle comment to the
> documentation please.

IMO these docs explain what hue actually is - though they could use some
more links (HSV and Hue should be in section H, and link to their
explanation in "Color"). And the images should be given numbers and be
referenced explicitely.

Maybe you could point out how exactly

"Hue: It's the color itself, resulting from the combination of primary
colors. All color shades (except greylevels) are represented in a chromatic
circle: Yellow, Blue, and also purple, orange... It goes from 0 to 360.
("Color" term is often used instead of "Hue". RGB colors are "Primary

should be changed?


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