"Alexandra R." <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>> Could you please try to start gimp from a terminal window? You might
>> get output that could help to debug the problem.
> "open gimp.app" got no output, which I understand is good news, and
> after about two minutes, the program actually opened. However, the
> font problem is back, even though GBwhateveritwasBitmap font has
> supposedly been deleted from my computer.
> I did use search engines for "freetype" and "fontconfig" and, as I'm
> no programmer, couldn't understand how to update them, or even how to
> find out where/if they were on my computer. My programming ability is
> limited to "cd" and "ls" in Terminal, if that gives you any idea of
> what skill level you're dealing with.

All you can do then is to contact the author of the GIMP binary
package that you are using and ask him/her to update the versions of
freetype and fontconfig that are shipped with it.

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