I downloaded the precompiled version of Gimp 2.0.6 from the Slackware-current 
archives,  downloaded the 2.0.6 help files, installed them and now Gimp has 
help files, including a limited amount of context-sensitive help. Hooray!

The default help-browser is Mozilla, which is a royal pain. I frequently have 
multiple browser windows open at the same time. Mozilla has this huge 
roadblock where you have to fire up a different profile for each instance of 
the browser.  

So I will switch my default help browser to Konqueror which has no such 
impediment.  I wrote to the Mozilla folks on this issue but they seem dazzled 
by the brilliance of their creation, and never mind what the users want or 

I also downloaded the 2.2 tarball but immediately found myself in the library 
chasing game.  So I will hold off on that version until the Slackware folks 
offer a precompiled edition.
John Culleton

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