* Greg Bair <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [01-05-05 21:06]:
> Andreas Waechter wrote:
> >Uuups, I accidntally sent this to Sven only (because this list for 
> >some reason not understood by me is set up so that a "reply" does not 
> >go to the list).
> Next time, instead of hitting reply, hit Reply to All or something 
> similar.  It will send it to the individual AND the list.  Hope this helps!

hit 'Reply to All' and then delete all but the list addr.  Your post
was seen/answered from a posting on the list.  Kind of obvious that
the poster *reads* the list and will see your reply there.  No need
for two copies of the mail and the extra traffic.  Netiquette <grin>.

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