Today I built Gimp 2.2.1 to see which upgrades it recieved since
2.0. Apart from the really unpleasant file selector which has been
discussed on this list already, I noticed that the input field for the
scale ratio in the "Scale Image" Dialog is gone.

Why is that? I mean, it was just so convenient to enter 0.5 and have
the image scaled to 50% etc. pp.

Pleeease, put it back where it belongs! And by the way: I really don't
get the way the inputs behave if "percent" is selected as measure
unit. They show some riddiculous values for the original, unscaled
image (are they supposed to show "100%" if the image is still

Apart from that, I must say that the Gimp has developed into a really
great tool since 1.0 (when I saw it first).



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