On Wed, 12 Jan 2005 16:42:31 +0100 (MET) Michael Schumacher wrote: 
> Please use the plug-in template when you do this, it makes it really easy to
> build them on each platform.

Autoconf and friends make the template portable.  I use Imake (I'm old,
it's what I grew up with).  As long as X continues to use imake then
that portability should continue to exist for Unix/Linux platforms.  I
don't worry about Windows because I don't want to support Windows issues
(see reference to being old and add "crotchety").  But I continue to use
Imake because it's what I know and it tends to work just fine for me. 
My XNotesPlus is also imake based and I know it builds on just about all
Unix/Linux platforms (or at least no one is reporting problems

To my knowledge the only current problem with portability is that the
imake templates related to building man pages have changed for some
distributions of Linux, probably the X.org based distributions.  XFree86
based distributions should be okay.  As soon as I get a chance to try
the build on my newly installed FC2 I'll fix the problem with the man
page rule that causes the build to break on other systems.  At least I'm
assuming its a change to the imake templates that is causing the
problem.  I've run into this issue before in various forms.

> You didn't advertize them much, did you? I discovered them only recently
> when hunting for plug-ins to build...

I posted to Freshmeat, c.o.l.a and a few other places.  I always post
updates to my open source software on Freshmeat.  It seems the most
appropriate place.  I didn't announce on GIMP User because I felt that a
commercial announcement (even shareware) was just not appropriate.  I
think I referenced them in replies to some posts here but tried not to
make it sound like an advertisement.
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