Felix Salfner wrote:
I just switched from Corel PhotoPaint to the Gimp and am looking for a
way to position the image on the page for printing.

Within PhotoPaint, the printing dialog lets you graphically adjust the
size of the image and position it on the page directly by mouse. Of
course, there's also the choice to set the size to "original size" and
to "center" the image. Furthermore, PhotoPaint can automatically shrink
the image such that it fits the paper size.

How can this be done with Gimp? I didn't find the appropriate dialog / menu.

The print dialog I see in gimp allows all you've just noted. You can use the scaling slider to set the size. You can grab the actual image in the preview and drag it where you want it. There's also the 'use original image size' button just above the print button, lower right corner.

Until later, Geoffrey
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