[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2005-01-14 at 1518.18 -0700):
> I'd like to have the mouse cursor arrow appear in the window of an 
> acquired screenshot. This is for when I want to illustrate a pulldown 
> menu item. When I use the Acquire screenshot functionality of the GIMP, 
> the cursor doesn't appear. Is there a way to have the cursor show up? 
> Perhaps a different screenshot program, but all the ones I've seen on my 
> system also leave the cursor arrow out of the screenshot.

It is how X11 works. There are plans to allow apps to ask about what
cursor is in use, but not yet.

> I'd rather not have to draw a cursor on the image later. Might not be so 
> bad if there was a brush shape that looked like an arrow. Is it possible 
> to add a cursor arrow brush? If so it's probably already been done, but 
> I don't know where to get it.

Yes, from cursor themes or from the default cursor font (yep, that is
what the cursors were until recently). So get one arrow from there,
and paste it more or less where the cursor really was.

Quick trick if you want the plain X11 cursors:

1 Run xfd -fn cursor, resize it if necesary, so things do not overlap.

2 Take a screenshot of it.

3 In gimp, duplicate the background (bg-l for short) and set top layer
to difference, call it diff-l.

4 Move diff-l to the right, one column, and align so you get first
column without any overlap but 2nd, 4th, ... N*2 overlap and show the
cursors with black bg, and 3th, 5th N*2+1 as random crap due unrelated
images mixing. Be careful, or use the arrow keys, so you get the
perfect match, it is not hard to see anyway.

5 Copy the bg-l again, and move it to the top of stack, name it
helper-l, set it to not visible so you can see next step.

6 Merge diff-l and bg-l, to get merged-l.

7 Add a layer mask to merged-l.

8 Invert helper-l colours, then select all of it and copy. Toogle
visible if you need for this step.

9 Activate the layer mask of merged-l and paste, apply the layer
mask. And you are ready to cut any cursors you like.

I think those are more or less all the steps.

Steps 5, 7, 8 and 9 can be ignored if you crop to one cursor and clean
up the black background that will be left around it, for example with
the magic wand as selection method.

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