Laszlo <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I want to open a windows metafile (.wmz), and the plugin open fine (I
> can choose the dimension and the dpi value too. Its just good), BUT
> where can I choose the caracter encoding?

The libwmf API (which is what the GIMP plug-in uses to load the file)
doesn't seem to have a way to specify the encoding. Shouldn't it be
specified in the file itself?

I suggest that you check the libwmf has a bug tracker or a mailing
list where you could get more information about this.

> In the scale image dialog the percent unit entry does not work anymore.

That's a known problem that is fixed with GIMP 2.2.2. So said you are
using Debian Sid. Any particular reason that you haven't updated to
the latest stable GIMP release yet?

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