Matthew H. Plough wrote:

I am well aware that the new file open dialog has been a topic of contentious debate, and my goal isn't to arouse people's tempers. I like neither the new (GIMP 2.2) nor the old (GIMP 2.0) file open dialog; neither offers much flexibility. After looking at the dialog in jEdit (, it is obvious what features are lacking. It combines the best features of a GUI and a bash shell:

Could you point to a screenshot that shows this dialog?

* Like a GUI, it always shows which files are in the current directory.

Like the GTK+ file chooser :)

* Like a GUI, it allows directories to be added to favorites -- so
it doesn't take 250 years to get to a frequently used directory
that isn't close to programs/gimp/2.0/bin.

Like the GTK+ file chooser :)

    * Like a bash shell (or whatever shell you folks use), it has a text
      input for file names that allows tab completion.  Furthermore,
      typing part of a directory name in the current directory and
      hitting / takes you into that directory.  Typing ../ takes you up
      a directory, as is logical.  The filename which would be expanded
      if tab were pressed is always highlighted; hitting Enter when the
      correct filename is highlighted opens that file.

Ctrl+l. This is the only feature I missed at first, but now I'm hardly use the keyboard anymore because of the features above.

1) Would people like a file open dialog incorporating the above features?

The files chooser has already got more features in GTK+ 2.6. Maybe you should check them out.

2) With the above features as part of a requirement, how difficult would it be to program such a dialog? I have been programming for upwards of five years and am currently learning GTK, but I have never programmed such a dialog before. I want to see if it is something that I, given my current skill set, could do.

Any work you do has to go into GTK+, not GIMP, if you want to imporve this dialog.


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