I am a Debian woody user and use the .deb package of GIMP, which is 1.2.3 at
this time.

I just had to re-install and found my freshly installed GIMP cannot write XPM,
but only read.

I have the full XPM libraries installed, including the -dev headers.

Until this is fixed, I am using XnView 1.68 to convert to XPM from saved PNG
and it has no problem accessing the XPM libraries, My IceWM+dfm also has no
problem accessing the libraries, so they must be good.

It was suggested I write to this list first, before contacting the Debian
package maintainer.

Sorry if this was asked before, I tried to do a mail list search, but the
database was down :-(

On a side-note, before my system went down, I did compile and install
GIMP-1.2.5 from source and it too couldn't write XPM.

F-prot also found [EMAIL PROTECTED] trojan in the Win32 libs of the 1.2.5

Thanks for any help!

Gregg "t3h g33k"

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