"Matthew H. Plough" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I have been trying to compile a plugin for Windows, but can't
> because of a function that I don't have in my GIMP development
> libraries -- gimp_image_rotate().  Does anyone know if there is a
> more recent Windows version of the GIMP development libraries that I
> can download?  I currently have gimp-dev-2.0.1-20040415.zip, but I
> can't even find that on the net right now.

You need GIMP 2.2 for this function. Since you are obviously capable
of compiling a plug-in on Windows, you should also be able to compile
GIMP 2.2 on Windows.

I don't know, perhaps the GIMP 2.2.1 installer provided by Jernej even
provides everything you need already...

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