claude bouaziz-viallet ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> I must beg you pardon for misleading you with my English syntax !
> in fact I WANT to obtain the following changes : 
> > > - black becomes #993300,
> > > - all the other colors take a shade lighter till...
> > > - white is changed to something approaching #efdfd7 !

Oh, sorry for jumping on the perceived FAQ...  :-)

For what you *really* want to do you can use the curves tool
(Layers->Colors->Curves). When the curves dialog pops up you can select
the three RGB-Channels individually. Then in each channel you can drag
the control points to get the desired color. In your example this would

Red channel: Control points at 0, 153 (=#99)  and 255, 239 (=#ef).
Green channel:  0, 51  and  255, 223
Blue channel: 0, 0 and 255, 215

This modifies each channel independantly and might result in some
unexpected colors, you need to look if this is what you expect.

As an alternative you can select #993300 and #efdfd7 as
foreground/background colors and select Filters->Colors->Map->Gradient Map.
Select the "FG->BG" Gradient and apply the filter. This however maps the
colors of the gradient to the image according to the gray value of the
pixels, so this is perfect for grayscale images, but might lose wanted
information for color images.

Hope this helps.


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