On Sun, Jan 23, 2005 at 07:54:36PM +0100, claude bouaziz-viallet wrote:
> Thank you for your VERY quick answer Simon. I am impressed !
> I must beg you pardon for misleading you with my English syntax !
> in fact I WANT to obtain the following changes : 
> > > - black becomes #993300,
> > > - all the other colors take a shade lighter till...
> > > - white is changed to something approaching #efdfd7 !
i would approach this in a different order.  and you should note that my
ability to work with color is self taught (mostly) and there is only
that which i have needed to fill my needs.  which means that others
might have better suggestions/methods to obtain this effect that you

you can easily lighten all of the colors by using the Levels Tool and
moving the center triangle located just below the histogram display.

changing black and white to other values -- there are several different
ways this can be accomplished, i am going to suggest only two ways and i
am not sure that either will work for you.

Filters -->Colors -->Color To Alpha.  with the lightened image, run this
filter on black and put the new color in a layer underneath.

or Index the image via Image -->Mode -->Index and change the black to
the new color via the Dialogs -->Indexed Palette dialog. then change the
image back to rgb Image -->Mode -->RGB

both should work the same with the white as well.

these are just two ways.  there are several color tools and filters that
might do what you want better.  best to play with them yourself and keep
an eye out for better suggestions from this list.

the more i understand colors, the more i understand how little i know
about them.  


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