On Mon, Jan 24, 2005 at 10:35:57AM -0600, Jim Clark wrote:
> If I'm in the wrong place, please point. I don't know where to turn. I am
> aware the problem is not exclusive to GIMP, but it's driving me nuts, and
> it may be something simple. I sure hope so.
this mail list works just as well to explain this as all of the other
places -- even the more official ways and places.

> Using 2.2 on Fedora Core 3. When I do a "save as" in any application, once
> I type a character or 2, the auto-complete function fills in some name I
> don't want related to something in the same directory, and puts my cursor
> back at the beginning of the name, so I end up typing over the name and get
> something stupid.
this is how Gimp2 is working on all linux distributions or even
operating systems.  i really did not like this when i first encountered
it.  TheGIMP developers blame the gtk developers (gtk is an acronym that
means gimp tool kit, it is the widgets that the gimp uses when
displaying the images and accepting your inputs -- the gimp part is the
part that does the transformations on the images, the art and the

the gtk file selector did not work well enough for the people who worked
on gimp-1.2 and the file selector that you used there was not a gtk
widget -- they made that one that worked for them.

> I cannot imagine where I could configure the save dialog for auto-complete
> to be turned off, but boy do I want to do it.This way i type, stop, move
> the cursor and continue. How convenient!
the only other software i use that has file selection that works this
way is mozilla.  one of the things i have been told in my pursuit of who
did it and why is that it works like macintosh software now and that
there are good reasons for that.

the way the gimp-1.2 worked was that you type a few characters and it
fills in the rest if this matches any file or directory located in the
same directory.  then it stops at the point where there are two or more
choices.  for example, you have a set of images all with the prefix
ximi- (ximi-001.jpg ximi-002.jpg ximi-003.jpg ...).  the old file
selector would see the x and fill in the ximi- leaving the cursor there
for you to fill in the next number.

btw, i find this behavior in mozilla to be useless as well.  i am
fighting for the focus of the mouse all of the time -- i am using my
browser to check pages i am writing now, i am working in a directory
called gimp2/ it still completes the location to be gimp/ and i am
wasting a lot of time because the browser is ignorant of what i want to
do and unwilling to learn -- or something.

for gimp to do this is just shameful.  the fact that the developers
point to each other and not to themselves is sort of telling.

> Been poking around on the web but do not know how to word this to limit my
> results to what I want...not even sure it's called auto-complete in the
> save dialog.
my personal big effort to get this fixed ended with someone who has a
job with somecorportion, an email address which is @somecorporation.com
and a web site that is hisname.somecorporation.com telling me,
[EMAIL PROTECTED], owner of carol.gimp.org that i should fork the "gimp
tool kit" if i do not like what they do.

they also say that the file selector that is in gtk-2.6 is much much
better.  "they" being all the people who have given me this delightful
run around i have outlined above.  this widget version is not yet
available even in debian unstable which seems to be the first to get
these things.

i am not certain that there is anything that can be done to change these
things using the electronic media/mediums that are available.  it might
actually be to the point where we need to find where they live and have
them explain it in person.

does anyone live physically near to an active gtk developer with some
ideas on real life and real time methods to get them to stop?


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