[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2005-01-24 at 1103.58 -0800):
> the way the gimp-1.2 worked was that you type a few characters and it
> fills in the rest if this matches any file or directory located in the
> same directory.  then it stops at the point where there are two or more
> choices.  for example, you have a set of images all with the prefix
> ximi- (ximi-001.jpg ximi-002.jpg ximi-003.jpg ...).  the old file
> selector would see the x and fill in the ximi- leaving the cursor there
> for you to fill in the next number.

That happened when you hit tab. Now it tries to guess always, user
requested or not. In some cases that does not only causes user fights,
but seems to also cause slowdowns when the underlying file system is
network based, cos it is guessing again and again (looking for more
info to confirm this).

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