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Alle 02:30, domenica 30 gennaio 2005, Mogens Jaeger ha scritto:

Vittorio wrote:

Alle 11:11, sabato 29 gennaio 2005, Mogens Jaeger ha scritto:

Vittorio wrote:

pentium 4, kde 3.3.2, the very last build of linux gentoo compiled from
scratch; gimp 2.0.4, xsane 0.96, xscanimage 1.0.13; epson usb scanner

Both xsane and xscanimage alone work smoothly with the usb scanner.
The directories /ushr/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins/
and /usr/local/lib/gimp-2.0/plug-ins/
contain @xsane and @xscanimage.
When I launch the gimp 2.0 I see during the booting phase of the program
that xsane and xscanimage are detected as plugins


I don't know about the xscanimage, but for xsane do as described in the
To run xsane under the gimp(1), simply set a symbolic link from the
xsane-binary to one of
the gimp(1) plug-ins directories.

I did it, as I said in my message.

No - in your message you said it was in:

The directories /ushr/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins/
and  /usr/local/lib/gimp-2.0/plug-ins/

but it has to be as an symbolic link in your user plug-ins directories,

You're right, sorry!
I put this new link as you said but still doesn't work,i.e. xsane (which works standalone, I repeat) is seen by the Gimp as a plug-in BUT doesn't appear in the menu.

How, as a standalone? if I call xsane without the Gimp open, it by default scans to viewer, file or others, but under Gimp, it scans to the Gimp.

My xsane under Gimp is located under 'file/acquire' from top-menu.

mvh Mogens Jęger

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