I spent last week porting the Graphics Muse Tools to GIMP 2.2.3.  All
the C plugins work pretty much as with GIMP 1.2 though there are a few
minor functional bugs (see the bug page on the web site).  There
shouldn't be any crashes - at least none that I know of.

I also cleaned out the old gimppreview that I had been using.  I now use
GdkPixbuf's along with Gimp's builtin thumbnail function that returns a
pixbuf.  That means GFXLayers is much less weighty - no more carrying
around a ton of widgets for the previews.  GFXTrans also benefited from

I still have to pull out the deprecated features of both GIMP and GTK+,
however, which is why this is a Beta release.

If anyone wants to try these, you can pull the source code tarball from
the web site or check it out of CVS.  Source should build on Unix/Linux
boxes (but I've only tried it on Linux).  I don't have a clue how to
build this for Windows or MacOS X (though I'd love to try the latter).

Please let me know if you try them and most especially if you find
bugs.  If you can, please log the bugs in the bug db on the web site.

FYI: these are no longer shareware, they are open source.  If anyone
wants to work on these just drop me an email and I'll set you up an
account on CVS.
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