I will take a look later at them.

I went to the site, and did not find easily a description of what the 
plug-ins do (althoug I am in a hurry). Can you give us a url?

And...my most profound thank you for converting your shareware into an 
Open Source application. Really, really really!



On Monday 31 January 2005 14:04, Michael J. Hammel wrote:
> I spent last week porting the Graphics Muse Tools to GIMP 2.2.3. 
> All the C plugins work pretty much as with GIMP 1.2 though there
> are a few minor functional bugs (see the bug page on the web site).
>  There shouldn't be any crashes - at least none that I know of.
> I also cleaned out the old gimppreview that I had been using.  I
> now use GdkPixbuf's along with Gimp's builtin thumbnail function
> that returns a pixbuf.  That means GFXLayers is much less weighty -
> no more carrying around a ton of widgets for the previews. 
> GFXTrans also benefited from this.
> I still have to pull out the deprecated features of both GIMP and
> GTK+, however, which is why this is a Beta release.
> If anyone wants to try these, you can pull the source code tarball
> from the web site or check it out of CVS.  Source should build on
> Unix/Linux boxes (but I've only tried it on Linux).  I don't have a
> clue how to build this for Windows or MacOS X (though I'd love to
> try the latter). http://www.ximba.org/gfxmuse/download.html
> Please let me know if you try them and most especially if you find
> bugs.  If you can, please log the bugs in the bug db on the web
> site.
> FYI: these are no longer shareware, they are open source.  If
> anyone wants to work on these just drop me an email and I'll set
> you up an account on CVS.
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