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i have heard algorithms exist such that a panoramic scene can be photographed as several pics and the software will automagically determine the locations, edges, etc. of the photos and splice them into a single image.

is there such a plugin for the gimp ?

None in the official distribution. There is a set of tools and
plug-ins called pandora available from the plug-in registry
http://registry.gimp.org and I seem to recall panotools for gimp
too - yup, found it: http://www.vierpi.de/panotools-gimp.html it
doesn't appear to have been updated for 2.x.

However I found a whole mailing list which is *very* active on
panotools frontends - http://www.email-lists.org/mailman/listinfo/ptx

There are many such programs mentioned on that list, among them
hugin http://hugin.sourceforge.net/

The home page for Panorama tools is

There's a forum for panotools on yahoo:

Here's the home page for the Pandora plug-in:

And for the enblend program: http://enblend.sourceforge.net/

And finally autostitch:

Hopefully in all that there's something worthwhile.

Thanks everyone for your information. I should have provided you with more details on what I am doing. I have hugin running however it does not appear to be the optimal tool for this task.

I have a book, printed in 1945 or so, and it is of a very odd size, large, with a lot of photos and text. My flatbed scanner can only scan about 2/3 of a page. So I end up with multiple images for each single page, and would like to combine them into one page.

So far I have tried hugin twice on image sets, and although it runs, I can't seem to figure out how to turn the lens function off. I don't want any distoration because these are pages out of a book.

Before moving to the other list, I thought I would ask again with more info. This is the first time I've tried to do something like this.

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