William Skaggs <weskaggs <at> primate.ucdavis.edu> writes:

> First, jpeg still achieves substantial compression,
> and is still lossy, even at a quality setting of 100.

  Yes, I know (see Henrik's post)

> Second, the jpeg docs recommend not using quality settings
> above 95, because they greatly increase the file size without
> improving the image quality.

  Again, the at Q=98 the file size is about the same as the camera provides
already, so no waste of space happening..

> Third, there is no way to change the defaults in GIMP 2.2
> except by editing the C code for the jpeg plugin, 
> but we are working on a way to do this that should apply
> to all plugins, and you can expect it to be available in
> GIMP 2.4.

  Thank you! I already did the change in the source code (and it works), but
good to know that there is some progress happening.

  There does not seem to be any schedule or roadmap on GIMP 2.4 available yet,
but do you have any estimates on when 2.4 would be coming? This year? First half
 of 2006? Later?

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