Antti Mäkelä <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>> Third, there is no way to change the defaults in GIMP 2.2
>> except by editing the C code for the jpeg plugin, 
>> but we are working on a way to do this that should apply
>> to all plugins, and you can expect it to be available in
>> GIMP 2.4.
>   To followup on this old thread..
>   Now that GIMP 2.3 is out, I'm not sure if I'm finding this
>   improvement in the changelog yet.
>   Can you point out which specific change in the news file 
>   http://developer.gimp.org/NEWS
>   is the one that includes these changes?

It isn't there yet (remember, this is not yet GIMP 2.4). We have
however already large parts of the framework that will be needed:

 - moved GimpConfig functionality from core into libgimpconfig
 - moved GimpEnumStore and GimpEnumComboBox to libgimpwidgets
 - moved convenience constructors for property views to libgimpwidgets

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