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> Olivier Ripoll wrote:
> > You misunderstood. A portion of the "value" (RGBA) of the pixel is 
> > selected, not a portion of the pixel geometry. Think of it like a 
> > phantom (ghost, whatever you call it): The shape of the 
> human body is 
> > totally preserved, but you can see through it.
> Still, I didn't know you could have a partially transparent 
> pixel.  I thought transparency was at the pixel level, that 
> is either a pixel was transparent, or it was not.  Then 
> again, I've a coder, not an artist or image expert.
No.  RGB images have another channel - Alpha - that determines transparency.
However, not many image formats use the alpha channel (PNG, TIFF, PSD, and
XCF being the only ones I know of).  GIF kinda uses it, but it does have
that binary behavior you're talking about.


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