On Thu, 2005-02-10 at 03:08 +0100, Simon Budig wrote:
>Eric Pierce ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
>[MM Fireworks]
>> He told me that the default file format is png!  I called him a bold
>> faced lier, but he swears up and down that png is the default format.
>> I asked him about layers, and he said the pngs that Fireworks saves
>> can DO LAYERS.  I haven't seen it firsthand... is there any truth to
>> this!?
>PNG can handle custom application specific chunks of data, so it is
>perfectly possible that Fireworks uses custom data blocks, not specified
>in the PNG standard. I have no idea if MM published these extensions,
>but a PNG file just using the standard chunks cannot handle multiple

This actually sounds very interesting. I really like the way Inkscape's
native format uses the SVG with some extensions to store similar extra
attributes of the image, yet it's correctly parsed and rendered by any
SVG renderer. 

Having to deal with maintaining thousands of icons in XCF & exported
PNGs makes it sound like a good approach. On the other hand, it could be
too bloated to be used as the final output format. Interesteing idea


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