"Michael Schumacher" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> IIRC, one of the prerequisites for this is an API for text layers.
> Currently, all you can do is to add text in a new layer or a new floating
> selection.

Right. The PSD plug-in would have to be able to create a text layer
based on the information read from the PSD file. The current PDB API
for text layers is too limited for anything but very simple layers.

> The API should provide such things as getting/setting the font,
> text, the dimensions of the text layer, alignment, justification,
> ...  This list doesn't claim to be accurate or comprehensive, but
> you get the idea.
> I don't know if anything has already been done to CVSHEAD regarding
> this.

No, but it's on the list of things that we would like to have for GIMP
2.4. That doesn't mean that it will necessarily be there. What's
needed most at the moment is a list of functionality that is needed.
We could then try to design an API based on our needs. The
implemenration will probably not be too difficult.

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