On Tue, Feb 15, 2005 at 11:51:22AM -0800, Bill W. wrote:
> Hi Carol,
> Thanks for the advice.
> The installers were....
> installed first..... gtk+-2.4.14-setup.zip >  gtk+-2.4.14-setup.exe
> installed second.... gimp-2.2.3-i586-setup.zip >  gimp-2.2.3-i586-setup.exe
> >indicates extracted package
> Also, I use Gimp on linux as my primary workstation but I also use in on my 
> secondary windows xp workstation.
> Also, I'm getting pretty excited as I get closer to the discovery of the 
> 'secret location'..........
heh, well -- you should have more of a clue of how to bug report then ;)

there are several installers sometimes -- some that are free and you get
to them via the gimp web site or other means that people take to find
installers for free windows software.  others that you pay for and also
get promised phone help and you get to trust them forever with your
credit card info and such.  some that are available off and on via ebay,
but there is a chance those people dont use the gimp bug reporting

can you remember *where* you got your installer from and did this thing
tell you where they installed those files on your computer?  it would be
the windows equivalent of the linux path, at least i think it would.  a
list of the files that were misplaced by the installer and the location
they were misplaced at and the location that you moved them to that
caused gimp to start to work.

i will warn you, just because gimp can work on windows does not mean
that it likes it.  AND, the way things are going, it is liking macintosh
less and less.


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