Roel Schroeven wrote:
Michele Petrazzo wrote:

hardware: cpu amd 2600+, 1GB ram, hd 80GB Maxtor, ati 7000 64MB

Is this correctly, so gimp don't work well with these big image?

Did you use the default value for the tile cache size, or did you adjust
it? The default value is 128 MB IIRC, but if you're going to open large
images and you have 1 GB of RAM, it should be much higher than that.

On linux machine I found only "maximum size of new image", so if I set
it to "n" MB, gimp not work better or worse than n +100 MB.
On win machine, there are 3 or 4 parameters (I don't have gimp on win over my hands), and I remember that I try a lot differents setting, but the better result is that I wrote.

I don't know what the optimal size is in your case, but I'd try with something like 768 MB, or even more if you're not planning to run a lot of other applications concurrently with Gimp.

Of course, I have made this tries only with gimp open.

Michele Petrazzo
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