Alan Horkan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>> I have a small problem here. Every time I start Gimp, the splash screen
>> would freeze a minute or more showing 'loading extension_script_fu'.
> It can sometimes take a while to load, there are a lot of plugins and
> extensions to be loaded.

Plug-ins are only loaded (started and queried) if they are not cached
from the last startup. Checking the plug-in executables should not
take longer than a few seconds except on the first start.

Loading the Script-Fu extension takes a considerable amount of time
but it should be definitely less than a minute.

> I usually run the gimp with options not to load all the extensions
> (although this can sometimes have annoying side effects when
> extensions expect everything to be preloaded).

Your command-line doesn't keep extensions from being started, you only
disable loading of data (which will be loaded anyway later) and fonts
(text tool won't work).

> You can do this too by using the following command line arguements:
> gimp --no-data --no-splash --no-fonts

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