Thanks all for replying. I can live with it. But I do hope it can get better in future releases.

Sven Neumann wrote:

Alan Horkan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

I have a small problem here. Every time I start Gimp, the splash screen
would freeze a minute or more showing 'loading extension_script_fu'.
It can sometimes take a while to load, there are a lot of plugins and
extensions to be loaded.

Plug-ins are only loaded (started and queried) if they are not cached
from the last startup. Checking the plug-in executables should not
take longer than a few seconds except on the first start.

Loading the Script-Fu extension takes a considerable amount of time
but it should be definitely less than a minute.

I usually run the gimp with options not to load all the extensions
(although this can sometimes have annoying side effects when
extensions expect everything to be preloaded).

Your command-line doesn't keep extensions from being started, you only
disable loading of data (which will be loaded anyway later) and fonts
(text tool won't work).

You can do this too by using the following command line arguements:

gimp --no-data --no-splash --no-fonts

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