Akkana Peck <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I might be missing something.  When should I hit the tab key?
> For instance, if I have a bunch of existing files called
> gimptxt-[0-7].jpg and I want to save this one as gimptxt-8.jpg.  I
> type gim, and the dropdown pops up.  If I hit tab now, nothing
> different happens -- the dropdown disappears for a second then comes
> back, and nothing new is added to the filename in the text field.

Hmm, I discussed this with Federico a while ago and he showed me how
to do it. Yesterday before writing this mail, I tested it and it
worked correctly. But it appears that I tested this in the Ctrl-L
dialog of the Open dialog. It works correctly there, but I can't get
that behaviour in the Save dialog right now. Interesting...

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