> Then, it is true that the developers do not find this "interface
> skinning" desirable (it breaks documentation badly). The xml menus were
> first considered as a developer-only feature to simplify their work.
> Some people found it a new application, which is fine too.

About breaking documentation, what if:

The GIMP comes with a menu layout. The GIMP documentation relies on this
layout. It also documents the ability to change this layout, so users can
play with the xml files if they really want to.
Some users provide completely changed layout to other users who need the
same changes. These changes are not part of The GIMP, but something you
have to get and to "apply" to The GIMP. So it's not an option in The GIMP
configuration, it's a new thing that come on top of it. It's the
responsibility of the provider of the new layout to document it / provide
easy installation of the layout / whatever.

(I'm pretty sure mimicking-layouts are not a good way to learn The GIMP
for new users, but now it has started I don't really see how to stop it,
as some users do think it will help them. As someone else pointed out, if
this is just about getting a free Photoshop they are going the wrong way
and will discover it soon enough.)


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