Sven Neumann wrote:
The GIMP developers are proud to announce the release of version 2.2.6
of the GNU Image Manpulation Program. This is a bug-fix release in the
stable GIMP 2.2 series. For a detailed list of problems fixed in the
2.2 tree, please have a look at:

Great news! And thanks for having announced in on the mailing-lists!

The source code for GIMP is available from or one of the mirrors listed at:

According to this web page, the GAP, freetype and perl plugins are for 2.0 ("GAP (the GIMP Animation Package) for 2.0 is available at"). The ftp site organisation confirms this impression (they are in a v2.0 directory).
Is this wanted or it is just that the web/ftp sites are just outdated ? (2.0 -> 2 or 2.x would be enough to clarifiy).

I think it could be confusing for newbies.

We would like to take this opportunity to draw your attention on
software patents. Software patents are a threat to Free Software and
could make future GIMP development impossible. Image processing is a
patent minefield. Important techniques and formats are covered by
broad and trivial patents that are harming progress and alternative
implementations, such as free-software content authoring tools, like
the GNU Image Manipulation Program.

The European commission has just passed its directive on software
patents, violating democratic rules and procedures to the sole benefit
of big non-European corporation and Ireland and to the detriment of
small and medium sized businesses (which comprise 99% of the European
software industry) and free software.

The European parliament will now be taking the last stand against
software patents in a voting for which an absolute majority is
needed. Such a majority is hard to come by in a parliament with a low
attendance level. But not all is lost yet as long as you decide it is
time to make a difference and take action. This is our last
opportunity to fend off software patents worldwide, there will be no
second chance for the foreseeable future.

Signing petitions will not suffice. Contact your local EU
representatives and educate them why software patents are a bad idea
in the first place and why they must attend that parliament session to
vote against them. Make it clear that they need to stop the
machinations of the EU council and reaffirm the power of the EU
parliament, the only democratically elected EU institution. For
in-depth information and starting points to get active visit the
software patent page of the FFII and


Troll question: Do I have to vote "No" to the European constitution ?



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